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Helping Women Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle With Motivation and Affordable One-On-One Personal Training



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Sustain Fitness | Waco, Texas

Is a healthy lifestyle even attainable?

Have you tried countless times to prioritize your health with little to no improvement? Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, long work days, raising little ones and are left feeling drained? Do you often wonder where to begin in order to get healthy? There is so much content out there and a lot of it is confusing and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be complicated – and you don’t have to do it alone.

At Sustain Fitness it is my pleasure to personalize everything for you. No more worrying about workout programs, nutrition plans and how to get started. I care about my clients and the challenges they face. There are reasons we put weight on in the first place and getting it off takes time, discipline and dedication. It’s a process but this way the changes are lasting.

So, here I am to walk (or run) along side you through each of your sessions. Will we train hard? Yes! My goal is to equip you with knowledge and experience to become confident and strong; In both form and in making healthy lifestyle choices so that eventually you’ll be independent  – You will achieve those goals!

It’s important to me that prioritizing your health and well-being doesn’t cost you a fortune, so for that reason I aim to keep my prices lower than the average rate.

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Hello! my name is

Maria Cambra

Certified Personal Trainer

I have always loved working out but it wasn’t until I was struggling with little ones, dealing with the loss of a loved one to suicide, my own mental health and a past of disordered eating that I found it really hard to shed the weight, let alone feel motivated enough to workout. So I began training with some wonderful Personal Trainers in Italy (shout out to Formula gym They gave me the motivation I needed and looking back the career I love.

Now, I have 9 years of personal training experience in the U.K, Italy and Texas. My certifications are with AFAA & NASM (Athletics & Fitness Association of America & National Academy of Sports Medicine). I consider it a privilege to have helped many women feel better about their overall health and well-being and achieve their fitness goals without feeling so restricted. 


one-on-one Training

$28 per 1 Hour Session

$200 for 8 Sessions




Most frequent questions and answers. If you have a question that is not asked and answered on this page, please contact us through email or our contact page form.

You will only need to bring some water, a towel and a training mat. All other equipment will be provided by personal trainer.

It is completely up to you. We can meet at your home, your personal gym or your favorite park nearby. We provide flexibility and where you feel most comfortable.

Workout clothes and some comfy shoes. 

No. There are options available for 8 sessions, but it is completely up to you if you want to continue, no contract required.

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